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Would you like to join a wonderful trip in the Norwegian mountain home?

We start at Sognefjellshytta on Saturday morning and head towards Fanaråkbreen. It is most likely blue ice on the entire trip over. Then the trip goes to the top of Fanaråken.

At the top, a better 3-course dinner awaits. For those who wish, there will also be an evening trip to Steindalsnosi 2032 m.

We spend the night either in the old weather station at the top or under the open sky.

We have with us skilled glacier drivers and guides from Jotunheimen Arrangement.

The trip is graded as easy to medium, and we spend about 5 hours (about 10 km and 700 asl) from Sognefjellshytta and to the top of Fanaråken.

Price NOK 2700 per person. This includes guides, boardwalk, accommodation at the top, rental of technical equipment, dinner at the top and breakfast the next day.

Any accommodation at the Sognefjellshytta comes in addition, but here it is also possible to sleep in a tent not too far away.

Ta gjerne kontakt hvis du har spørsmål 🙂

I am looking forward to a wonderful trip with lots of fun and wonderful nature.

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