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Etter en uke på Korsika kan jeg ikke si annet enn å si at dette er min favorittøy 😍

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean just north of Sardinia. With its high mountains, turquoise waters and cozy towns, this gem stands out from everything else I've seen.

The plane landed in Bastia and we had hired a car there. It wasn't many minutes to drive to the first hotel we were going to stay at, the Calavita Hotel. A cozy hotel with an incredibly cool roof terrace overlooking the sea, a restaurant and a small green area with both a swimming pool and a jacuzzi.
We woke up the next morning to glorious weather, so then it was just a matter of taking a morning bath in the sea before we had to drive to Nonza.
Nonza is a cozy little village in the north of the island. From the town you look down on the fantastically beautiful beach with black stone and turquoise water.

After a small swimming stop, we drove on for a couple of hours south. Calvi was the next stop for diving and snorkelling.
Calvi is a small, incredibly cozy town with narrow streets and a cozy harbor with restaurants + lots of other things. A little paradise really. From here we were to take a rib trip out to a place where there were opportunities for both diving and snorkelling.

Etter en superkul tur skulle vi tilbake til Calvi hvor vi skulle overnatte på hotell Revellata. Et koselig hotel med gangavstand til sentrum. Jeg må jo innrømme at det føles godt å bo på hotell innimellom, når jeg vanligvis bor i en van uten bad 😅🛀

Men før det måtte vi en tur innom en butikk for å få kjøpt oss dykkemasker og snorkler, for dette var GØY 😃

After a night here (I could have stayed here much longer), we were going on another rib trip to see the Scandola nature reserve and the Calanques Piana cliffs/gorges which are on the Unesco World Heritage List. And of course no trip without more snorkelling, we took every opportunity to do that.
Vi skulle bli plukket opp i Cargese vest på denne vakre øya, 2,5 times kjøretur sørover fra Calvi. Veien hit hadde jeg ikke sett for meg, og jeg kjente at min store lidenskap for sykling virkelig kom fram da vi kjørte gjennom snirklete veier langt oppe i fjellet med en helt magisk utsikt over havet. Hit MÅ jeg dra å sykle, det er jo et paradis for landeveissykling her (hvis man er glad i fjell, vel og merke) 🤩

Once we arrived in Cargese, we were picked up and it was off at good speed to the Scandola nature reserve, a 45-minute rib trip.
When the captain put on music as he drove into the narrow caves, it was goosebumps from head to toe.

Through impressive cliffs straight up from the sea of ​​up to 300 metres, it was really a goosebump ride from start to finish.

Turen ble avsluttet med snorkling i solnedgangen 🤿🌅 Heeeeelt magisk 😍 Så fort man ser under vann åpner det seg en helt ny verden og vannet er helt turkis.

Another completely indescribable day is over and we drive on to the southeast side of the island and Favona.

The hotel was a cozy three-star hotel where the rooms had just been refurbished, and this was to be our base for the last days of the trip. This cozy hotel, Les Pavillons Du Golfe, was just a few minutes' walk from the beach. There was also a small shop directly across the street where you could buy fresh baguettes and other small things. Super service and an affordable hotel that is absolutely recommended if you want an affordable overnight stay.

På denne fine lille stranden ved hotellet fant vi små perler hvor vi kunne være helt for oss selv 🏖

Vi var vel nesten mer i vannet på denne turen enn over, men sånn måtte det bare bli når det er så heeeelt sykt deilig vann 💦

But we had to take a short trip to the very special town in the south of the island, Bonifacio. The city is located on the southernmost tip of Corsica and this fairytale town of the rare, in a castle, balances on a cliff overhanging the water. The port in Bonifacio town is one of the oldest on the island and there have been port operations here since the early 12th century. Here it is full of outdoor restaurants and cozy shops. From the port you can also take the ferry over to Sardinia in less than an hour.


Up from the small, cozy stone staircase to see the castle better, a whole new world opened up and we spotted a beach along the cliffs called Secret Beach. We just had to go there. We walked along a narrow little gravel road on top of the cliffs, the gravel was completely white and it was like walking into a little adventure.

Once at the beach, the sun had started to set, but we had to go into the water for a while after we saw a cave open up where people were jumping from. So it had to be explored.
Far away it looked like a sandy beach, but it turned out to be part of the bright mountain. Inside small caves people sat and enjoyed themselves and I've never really seen anything like it.

Vi måtte rett og slett bare hoppe i havet 💦

Back in the city, we wanted to visit the castle, and here it was a very small community with cafes in small, narrow alleys. It was late at night when we were there, but what a cozy town inside the castle. People lived here and laundry hung out of the window and people strolled the streets.

Last but not least, we learned that there would be fireworks at 11 pm from the castle, so we had to bring this with us. It was fierce and absolutely magical, the French really know how to create atmosphere and goosebumps.

There is so much more I want to explore on this fairytale island, but with one day left we really wanted to visit the famous Santa Giulia beach.
Og for en strand…. 🤩 Med turkis vann på den ene siden og blått vann på den andre siden, med små koselige plasser å spise helt nede ved stranden og et vann så klart og turkis som jeg bare har drømt om så ble det en opplevelse å se denne stranden også.

Tusen takk for turen, dere er bare helt fantastiske mennesker Caroline, Jacob og Christian 🥰

Jeg sitter igjen med minner for livet og vil aldri glemme denne turen, og hit skal jeg definitivt tilbake snaaaart 😍 Bare da med Hjulius 🚌

Jeg kommer også til å sette opp en gruppetur hit også, men det kommer jeg tilbake til. For dette stedet stedet må bare oppleves 🤩 Det vil bli en tur med snorkling, dykking for de som ønsker å prøve det, båtturer til nydelige plasser, bade i lunkent fjellvann, juving og selvfølgelig masse bading i det turkise vannet 🥳

Takk for at du følger meg på min reise 🙌



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