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Now that I've lived in the car for a few days, I'm super happy about all the good solutions we found out in the construction process of the camper van.
All the small but so important solutions that have made the kitchen absolutely perfect for my use. I wanted to share it with you and maybe you can get some good tips for how you want to build your little dream kitchen in your campervan.

Norgesglass screwed up under the cupboard means that even more space is put to good use as there can quickly be a shortage of kitchen cupboards.

Herbs on the windowsill - I think it must be the first time I have gotten something green to grow, so the herbs thrive on the windowsill of the car.
I have had my own flower box made that is adapted to the kitchen counter and is waterproof. Between the herbs I have placed decorative stones. It becomes even more homely in the camper van with some herbs in the window.

We made a sink that is both a lid for the sink and a sink on the other side.
Love it and not least that it can be placed over the sink so there is even better counter space. There is also an edge made so that it fits well into the sink.
The felt is oiled with hardwax oil to make it last better.

Dryer roll holder - In the top right-hand corner, we have made a hole in the "kitchen wall", with a hatch on the right-hand side of the wall facing the door. There is room for a drying roll here, and it is really used extensively. Perfect for use in the kitchen while I can reach it from outside.

Kitchen faucet with pump - As mentioned earlier, the kitchen faucet is a copper pipe that has been cleaned and varnished. The pipe system goes behind the kitchen wall and down into the cupboard below where the water tank is. Here there is a pump down into the tank, and by holding the knee up to the switch, water comes and both hands are free. You can see the switch in the picture below by the stove door. I am so incredibly satisfied with this solution as well.

I can't help but mention the stove, because I hardly think I could have managed without it. It gets a lot of use and works very well.

The cabinet under the sink looks like this. Here there is a 25 liter jug ​​where the pump is. A simple Gardena coupling so it is easy to detach the jug. I have chosen not to have the larger one as it is easier to fill up with water and then rather have many smaller jugs as well.
There is a small clamp around the hose so that the water pressure does not become too great and we save more on water.

The gas cabinet is made so that I can easily access it from the outside. A hatch has also been made so that I can easily turn off the gas in the evening. A gas alarm has also been installed in this cabinet.
In addition, a hole has been made in the bottom of the cabinet in the event of a gas leak.

The refrigerator is located next to the gas room with good ventilation both out into the room and behind. Perfect with a fridge that runs on both electricity and gas. But be aware that the fridge uses up all the electricity in the car overnight, so I only use this on gas when I am not connected to electricity.

A small warming drawer has been made above the refrigerator. Here I can dry damp things, and they dry in no time. There is mesh at the bottom of the drawer and plenty of ventilation around the fridge.
This is important as the fridge needs a lot of ventilation. I never have it on the fridge at night or when I'm not in the car. The food actually stays cold overnight even if the refrigerator is not switched on.

Roof hatch with in/out fan. It pulls the mat out of the car well.

Tap with space for a 3 liter apple cider or wine 😉 Above the small shelf in the kitchen I made a cool little solution, then I always have a glass of wine to offer if I have visitors 🙂
Here, the same solution has been made as with the drying roll holder with plenty of space behind the kitchen wall and a small hatch on the side.

Nets for fruit and vegetables in the corners. At IKEA, I bought some cute nets that were perfect for keeping fruit and vegetables in. We hung this up with a small hook on the door of the wine cabinet.

The electrician has made lots of sockets. It is incredibly nice to have this around the entire car.
I have had USB connectors made inside a cupboard so mobiles and other things can be charged there.
More about the arrangement of electricity comes in a separate post.

Hope you got some ideas for your own little dream camper van kitchen by reading this.

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