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This privacy policy is about how we collect and use personal data about you.

Who is responsible for processing?
RACER-FARTH TRENINGSSENTER ENK (Org. no. 998 631 475), by general manager, is responsible for processing your personal data.

What is the purpose?
We use common tools for collecting data on our website. The purpose is to uncover usage patterns and needs so that we can make our website better. Personal information that is collected is only to make contact in order to offer relevant products and services, as well as to provide good customer service.

We use marketing capsules (cookies) to track visitors across websites. The purpose is to show advertisements that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thus more valuable for publishers and third-party advertisers.

You automatically accept our use of cookies by using our website.

What is the legal basis
The legal basis for the processing of personal data is based on voluntary, express and informed consent.

What personal data is processed and where is it obtained?
You can choose to give us your contact information (name, address, e-mail, telephone) by submitting a contact form, or by contacting us.

We register general information about the user base on our website through Google Analytics and Google Adsense. This tells us, among other things, how many people visit our site and which pages are visited, in addition to showing related advertisements. However, we do not look at the information of individual users - nor do we have the opportunity to collect information about individual users.

Is it voluntary to provide the information?
It is voluntary to provide personal information to us regarding usage patterns on our website.

Is the information disclosed to third parties?
Personal data is not shared with external third parties.

We share information about how you use our website with our social media, advertising and analytics partners, who may combine it with other information you have made available to them or that they have collected through your use of their services.

How is the information deleted and archived?
All information about traffic on our website that is collected is stored in Google Analytics and Google Adsense. We do not store your data locally. However, we create reports on average traffic etc. User and event data are deleted after 26 months.

We store information about the address and contact details of our customers with a view to further dialogue and any complaints, and in accordance with According to the Swedish Purchase Act, the information is stored for at least 5 years.

What rights does the data subject have and which country's legislation applies?
You have the full right to access the personal data we have stored on you. You can also demand that the information be corrected or deleted. We otherwise comply with Norwegian legislation.

How is the information secured?
Only people who need to analyze trends and averages on our website have user access to the information in Google Analytics and Google Adsense. Information provided to us via the contact form is stored on password-protected servers and in encrypted documents.

Contact information
Contact us if you want to have access to what we have stored on your person.