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I was so looking forward to this group going on tour that I almost couldn't wait 😀

13 lovely ladies and gents had signed up for this trip where we were going to hike to the top, paddle, go on a glacier and enjoy nice days together.
We met at Døsen Gård where we were to spend the night for the first two days.

A cozy place with accommodation options inside or in a glamping tent.

We arrived at real summer weather, so it was really just a matter of getting out into the water. But it must be said that I got back up pretty quickly, because it was quite refreshing to say the least 😉

When the evening came we could enjoy the incredibly cozy outdoor space with a barbecue, laughter, good stories and even some wine 😉

The next day, paddling and ice skating with Icetroll awaited, and in brilliant weather, all we had to do was get in the cars and drive towards the kayaks.

We paddled for about 6 km before we saw the glacier in front of us. Tunsbergdalsbreen, which we were going to walk on, is one of the largest and longest glacier arms of Jostedalsbreen.
Once there, all we had to do was put on crampons, and equipped with an ice ax we were ready for a hike.

The skilled guides we had with us were, to say the least, completely ecstatic when they discovered this cave.
It was an incredibly cool experience to actually go inside this cave.

A wonderful day with lots of experiences 😀

Back at the glamping, a rare dining experience awaited us, with grilled venison and side dishes which was an experience in itself.
Not to mention the host. Lovely people with a rare hospitality.

On day two, Fuglesteg was on the program - A farm located on a mountain shelf 630 m above sea level. The farm was built in 1830 by Sylfest Ormeli who for five years carried stone to the house and then surprised his wife with the building plans. Quite impressive.

There is also a cozy little cafe here where you can buy helle cakes and coffee. A lovely place with a lovely view.


On the last night we were to move to Luster Fjordhytter. A cozy place right on the edge of the fjord.

On the last day, the summit Molden at 1116 m above sea level awaited us, which is said to be Luster's finest view. Not without reason.

Thank you so much for the trip, it has been so much fun to be with you all 😀 You have made this trip an experience I will always remember 🙂

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