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If you want to go somewhere with a nice view, then you simply MUST go here!
My new favorite place

We parked at Stein car park at Bekkestua, and went to Søndre Kolsåstoppen via this cozy road (see link below).
All the way up there were great views and several nice places to camp:

After about 3.5 km we came up to the place where we were supposed to hang up the hammocks. There were lots of trees to choose from and a view that could hardly be better beyond Oslo
Not least when evening fell over Oslo, and all the lights were lit.
It was absolutely magical!

We had packed our bags full of lots of warm clothes and food.
Today's meals consisted of a good smoothie when we got to the top. Dinner was as easy as a Real Turmat, and for the evening I had made a sweet potato soup that always tastes like a trip (see recipe under the recipes box on the front page).
The evening ends with a good cup of tea.
But before I sit down with a cup of tea, it's always good to do a little strength training. This time for the stomach.
You can, for example, use one of my 15 min trainings that you can find on the front page, if you are out of ideas. Or maybe just as well is a session of stretching.

Is it any wonder that you are happy to be out on a trip 😀
And it won't be long until I have to go out again 😉

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