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I was really looking forward to the first trip with the camper, and on Wednesday 19 May it was finally ready. I had to pinch my arm a little to realize that this was really true, while the tears rolled with joy at how lucky I am to have had such incredibly good help to realize my dream.

It took a while to load into my new home and get going, so the clock was ticking and ticking. But if there's one thing I shouldn't think about in this car, it's the time, so we took our time and set off when we were ready. We didn't get very far the first night, because the first stop was actually Røykenvika, a few kilometers from my house. You don't actually have to go far to have a nice trip.
Wonderful to wake up and have breakfast with a view of the Randsfjorden.

After breakfast, the trip continued to Tjøme. The municipality is known for its beautiful archipelago and is one of the places in Norway with the most sunny days.

We parked at a caravan park at Verdens Ende, which is located at the southern tip of the island of Tjøme, and is a great starting point for all activities in the area. From there it is only a few minutes' walk down to a wonderful place with islets and cozy places everywhere.
(Be aware that it is not so easy to free camp here as most places down by the lake are prohibited for motorhomes).

At Verdens Ende you will also find the tilting lighthouse from 1932, built with pebbles from Tjøme's beaches. From the lighthouse there is a beautiful view of the horizon and Færder National Park.

Out on the islets you can enjoy lunch or just sit and enjoy the view. There is also a restaurant in the area and several barbecue areas.

I had checked what else was interesting and nice in the area, and it wasn't small. A small overview of some of the activities can be found below:

• Here you can paddle in the beautiful archipelago. To, for example, the island of Ildværket.
• Climb Tjønneberget with a beautiful view out to sea (here you must bring your own climbing equipment).
• Bathe on one of the beautiful sandy beaches in the area.
• Surf or kite on the famous Krøkle beach.
• At Aktiv Fritid there is a completely unique climbing park. There is also the Via Ferrata Tjøme, bike hire, zipline, abseiling, hammock park and local food from Vestfold.
• Go for a walk along the Coast Path
• Every summer, a sunrise concert is organized at the end of the world.

I would have liked to have stayed here much longer to get through everything, but chose to go for paddling, cycling and climbing on this trip.

There was supposed to be little wind this day and then it was perfect to set out on a paddle trip to the Fire Brigade. We put the kayaks out by the beach at the Scandic Havna Tjøme hotel and from there it was 5 km of paddling before we arrived at the idyllic island. You can also paddle from Verdens Ende, which is a slightly longer trip.
To the east of this fine island is Paradisbukta, which has a beautiful sandy beach. In the west of the island, gap huts have been set up for public use as part of Padleled Vestfold. Here you are welcome to spend the night, either in a shack, in a hammock or you can set up a tent. There is also a marked hiking trail around the island of around 3 km.

After the paddling trip, we wanted to get to know the area a little better, and what could be more perfect than cycling on a little discovery trip.
A lovely little bike ride with a stop at a small cozy bakery and then sit on top of Hvasser and enjoy the view.

On the last day at this lovely place, the trip continued to the Tjønneberget climbing field at the very tip of Hvasser. This is truly a playground for those who love climbing. Here there were plenty of opportunities for both bouldering and climbing. And not least, it was incredibly well situated with a view directly towards the sea.

Foto: Øyvind Wold

Foto: Øyvind Wold

When it comes to accommodation in this lovely place, there is plenty to choose from. For example, you can spend the night in some of the places below:
- In a shack, hammock or tent at the fire station
- Scandic Havna Tjøme Hotel
- Engø Gård
- Under the open sky on an island
– Campsite

But there was no doubt where we wanted to spend the night on this trip with a newly built campervan.

I would love to stay at this lovely place again, but I will be back again soon.

Hope you got some good tips for what you can do in Tjøme, and not least thank you very much for taking the time to visit my site.



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