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Having found yet another little paradise in Norway, I was so happy to be able to show off beautiful Senja to the group I was going to take with me on the trip.
When I was also lucky enough to have Bent Vidar Eilertsen as a guide on the trip, I couldn't have wished for more.
He is a guide at Senja and knows Senja best of all.

On 25 February, we picked up the group at Bardufoss airport, and the trip went to Mefjordvær.
After putting down our luggage, Bent was going to show us a bit of this beautiful island. We first drove to Bøværstranda, and with its turquoise water facing the ocean, this is one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in Norway.
After a nice drive with lots of useful information about Norway's second largest island, it was time to head to the hotel where a better dinner awaited.

After a good night's sleep, a better breakfast and a good snack, the trip was to go up the Dronningruta to Husfjellet 635 m above sea level.
We picked up the snowshoes and were eager and excited to get started on the first trip.

At Sommardalen (about halfway) we could see the peak behind us.
I felt the eagerness to show off Senja just tingled all over my body, and when the cloud cover lifted a little so we could actually see the top, the joy was great.


With every meter we walked, a magical and powerful view opened up. Perhaps even more dramatic and especially when the weather was not at its best.

And what's better than a cup of hot drink and a snack on top.
Then it can snow sideways and blow upwards, it's just as wonderful anyway.

Here with a view of the well-known Okshornan, also called the Devil's Tooth.

After the trip it was back to Mefjordvær where a good and hot shower awaited before dinner was served. A tasty dinner with local dishes such as whale steak and cod tongues.

Good and full, it was just a matter of recharging for the next day.
Then there was nothing else on the agenda but ice climbing and a fjord safari.




A tough group who tried their hand at ice climbing, damn it was so much fun!
It rained as if the heavens opened, but you hardly noticed it inside a small stream of water from the ice we climbed. But with good clothes on, it was just wonderful to be out in the stormy weather, and no less wonderful to grill sausages after the climb.

Another wonderful day was over, and today there was whale steak on the menu.

Tomorrow looked like it was going to be at least as wet and windy, and it was true to that degree. But damn it's good to be outside in a bit of weather too, even if at times we felt we had to hold on to some rocks to keep from being blown away.
But we were going out and we got to the top of Riven.
From Riven you have a view to cozy Husøy, a cozy fishing village northwest of Senja.

The view from Husøy towards Riven (the nearest peak in the background.)

Then another fantastic trip was over, and many memories will continue.

Many thanks to Bent Eilertsen who showed Senja and some of the powerful nature this island has to offer.
And a big thank you to the team that joined and made this trip possible.

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