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Today we're going to work on the core muscles again, so it's just a matter of enjoying yourself. It's a great start to the weekend 😀

Some of the exercises today are heavy, so try your best and do the ones you can manage.

The last exercise can also be used without elastic, but you get a little extra training on the hip flexors when using elastic.
It may look like I am lying with my body on the sofa and resting my back on that exercise, but my back must be kept up. So here only the elbows support the sofa or the chair, and the hip is pushed up.

The exercise where we stand on all fours and lift the knees can of course also be done with the knees on the floor, but then we use the abdominal muscles less. Still a very good exercise with the knees on the floor.

Good training, and feel free to ask if you have any questions 🙂

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