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Lots of snow, perfect conditions and just so incredibly delicious on Lygna 😀

There are countless rounds to choose from at Lygna, and I did this nice little round this time.

And as you can probably see, my pace isn't exactly that high on skis, hihi, there it's only the comfort that counts 😉 So then I pack a small bag with food or something else good, regardless of whether it's a short or long trip. I think sitting down and eating something out on a trip is something very special, and this time I had made a super simple vegetable soup, and it always tastes like a trip.
But it must be said that soup with chunks in a thermos was not quite ideal, as the liquid came out and the rest remained in the thermos in the end 😉
But it was super good anyway 😀

If you want to try it, the recipe is in the link below:

Super simple vegetable soup


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