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Fuglesteg is a chapter in itself, something so great! On a mountain shelf 630 meters above sea level is this lovely farm which dates back to 1830.
The trip up there is on a nice tractor road and path in steep terrain, and just the trip up is an experience. We had a leisurely trip up and spent about 1.5 hours.

Once at the top, this cozy place meets you, which also accepts accommodation.

Not only that... There is also the coziest little cafe where you can buy Hedlekake and coffee. I couldn't stop buying Hedlekake before the cafe closed so I couldn't buy more, hihi.

Then it was just a matter of enjoying the view, because there was nothing to complain about.

Ikke nok med det, for på veien ned dukket det plutselig opp en perfekt stein for klatring (ved navn Trollsteinen) som nok for mange år siden hadde falt ned fra fjellet. Men den var til og med boltet, så da var det bare å finne fram klatreutstyret 😀

Og med dette var turen i Luster ferdig for denne gang, men hit skal jeg tilbake snart for jeg har masse igjen å se i dette spennende området som har noe for enhver smak 😀

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