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It wasn't too difficult for me to ask when Maxpulse called me and asked if I wanted to join as a tour guide to Anterselva 18-24 February.

A wonderful group of just under 50 people set off from Gardermoen to Munich. There we were picked up by a bus that drove us to a small place outside Bruneck.

The hotel we are staying at is in a class of its own when it comes to food, and is a fantastic hotel in all other areas as well. With a proper breakfast and 5-course dinner, the Anewandter Hotel in Uttenheim beats all previous hotels I've been to, so I really recommend this hotel.

Not to mention the atmosphere both at the biathlon stadium and at the top of Kronplatz 2275m, which we took the gondola up to today.
Some skied and others took the gondola up to enjoy a better lunch at the top.


Kronplatz at 2,275 meters above sea level was a little skiing paradise for young and old alike.
Several nice places to eat at the top, and enough slopes so you don't manage to get through in one day.


Coziest hotel Anewandter, which can be safely recommended if you are in the area.

And the food can hardly be described, it simply has to be experienced.


The hotel also had a small spa department with both a jacuzzi and several saunas. A simply wonderful place 😀


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