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I have previously only driven through this lovely place, but that came to an abrupt end after I got tips on some nice trips here.
Beautiful Hellesylt is located at the end of the Sunnylvsfjord, not far from the Geirangerfjord.

There are countless natural gems to visit here.
Below is a little about what we did on the days we were in Hellesylt. There is no doubt that I will return to explore more nice walks in the area here.

In the center you will find this beautiful sight in the picture below. Every year the Hellesylt days are organized where you can catch the big duck release. Here you can buy a "swimming duck" which will eventually be transported along with everyone else a little way up the waterfall. The first person down the waterfall and to the bridge wins a small sum of money.

The bathing beach in Hellesylt is absolutely worth a visit. The bath house is from 1937 and is one of the rarest and best preserved in the country.

In the center is also this lovely coffee shop Hellesylt Boutique & Bar. This is originally the old bookshop in the village which has now become this cozy coffee shop.
I would say that they have the world's best almond buns here, not to mention the goat cheese ice cream that I had to try. It was actually super good.


Then there were some of the nice destinations we had received tips about that should be tried.


Sætrenibba 859 m above sea level,(approx. 3 km one way on dirt road and good path)

This top, then... From the first step we started taking pictures, and the view didn't get any worse upwards.
We parked at the Geiranger Fjord Viewpoint, just a 5-minute drive from Hellesylt. There are plenty of parking spaces here.
On the other side of the road you see the start of the hill.
Up the small, very special dirt road, the Trondhjem post road from the 18th century, it is so incredibly beautiful and so much history that I fell in love with this road. It winds its way up the many hairpin bends.
After about 1.5 km we met at the lovely Ljøsætra, a lovely little place with an incredibly nice view. We then followed the dirt road and turned right up towards Sætrenibba, just over a kilometer from Ljøsætra.
Here, an absolutely magical view of the entrance to the Geirangerfjorden and the Sunnylvsfjorden awaited.


Båsenibba 910 m above sea level, (approx. 4 km one road, gravel road and good path).

After the nice trip to Sætrenibba, we absolutely had to go up to Båsenebba as well.
This day we just continued on the gravel road past the sign up towards Sætrenibba. After Nykkjevatnet, it goes uphill before taking a road to the right (not signposted). This is a very steep and windy way up, but completely possible to walk. We chose to walk a little further until we got to Brekkeskaret where you can see the road winding down the many hairpin bends.
From Brekkeskaret we took a path to the right that went all the way to the top.
I really don't have words for how nice it was here too.
We brought a sleeping bag and all the necessary equipment for an overnight stay at the top, and it was truly an experience.
So with, among other things, almond buns from the coffee shop in Hellesylt and batter for banana slices, we had a lot of good snacks with us and it was just a matter of enjoying a night under the open sky.

The picture below is from Brekkeskaret, where the road winds down again.


Fikk meg en liten bestevenn på vei ned. Kunne kanskje ha trengt en sau hjemme på gressplenen mens jeg er ute på tur så jeg burde nok vurdert å ta den med meg hjem 😉

Advertising:The clothes from the trip above are from Twentyfour.
Shoes from Icebug.
Pulsklokke fra Polar.

Flofjellvegen (This road can be both cycled and walked, 10 km a road in hilly terrain)

We started at Hellesylt and cycled 12 km up the beautiful road between mountains and waterfalls, towards Flofjellvegen. Here it was perfect for road cycling and the ground was actually perfect for hill intervals.
There is also a nice car park at the start of Flofjellvegen if you don't want to cycle the way up from Hellesylt.
Over Flofjellvegen you can cycle down to Flo and back again in a beautiful landscape.
If you want a long and tough round, you can cycle down to Flo up Gamle Strynefjellsvegen. At Grotli you follow the road to Geiranger and take the ferry back to Hellesylt.

We only had road bikes with us and definitely shouldn't venture out on the dirt road. But when curiosity got too big and the asphalt ran out, it was good to have slippers in your pocket.
Incredibly beautiful scenery beyond Flofjellvegen, so I will definitely return with the mountain bike.


In the center is the cozy little campsite, Hellesylt Camping. It wasn't overcrowded in any way, and we got a perfect spot for Hjulius right down by the water.

Now the trip continues from Hellesylt, but I will definitely return to this gem of a place.

Many thanks for the great tips Rust Foto and Hjørundfjord Mountain Guide.







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