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After being here several times this summer, I just love this place and the surrounding area more and more.

It's really like one big playground for those who like being active and beautiful nature 😀

I have walked Romsdalseggen before so I think that now I will find other nice walks in the area. And with good tips from a lovely lady who really knows the area well, I got some great hiking tips.
I clearly have to go back soon because I haven't managed a fraction of the trips there, but it's nice to have lots of trips to enjoy here.

My choice this time was Moanebba (pictured above), Blue Nebba and paddling at Rauma.

Soggebru camping - I really can't praise this little cozy place enough. Here we parked the car so it was only a matter of opening the doors behind and a view of the crystal clear turquoise water was only a short stone's throw away.
A bath here from the nice beach directly below is really fresh but so incredibly hot.

Moanebba 757 m above sea level:

This wonderful trip by the Isfjorden at Åndalsnes is absolutely worth a visit. I like the trip extra well as it is possible to go down another road so it will be a nice round trip.

The 6 km long walk is well marked all the way.

We chose the steepest way up, then went down a slightly gentler way. I definitely think that is the best way.

Not long after the summit, a little water suddenly appeared. After all, nothing beats a bath on top of a mountain after a nice hike up, so all you had to do was jump in 😀

Blånebba 1320 m above sea level:
The trip is 5.2 km one way and has an ascent of 975 metres.
This is also an incredibly nice trip with spectacular and beautiful views over Rauma and the surrounding mountains.
The tour starts from the same place as Romsdalseggen, where the parking is also (Venjedalssetra).
It is well marked all the way. Follow the signs for Romsdalseggen up to the first peak (Steinsfjellet 1168 m). From here you follow the signs towards Blånebba.
The trip goes down the same way.
I think the view when I get over Steinsfjellet is so incredibly beautiful that it's actually difficult to walk away from it, so there's no shame in staying there 😉
Once back down, there was nothing that could beat a bath in the river, and filling the drinking bottles with fresh and good river water 😀


Paddle at Rauma:
In turquoise water with white sandy beaches around you, the river meanders along and it seems like you are an eternity away from everything. Absolutely magical.
We started at Soggebru camping and quickly found out that with a SUP board and a lot of power, it was just a matter of forgetting to paddle back up, so then it was a taxi back.
We stopped the paddling trip at Åndalsnes camping and had a pizza there before the taxi picked us up. A perfect day at Rauma 😀


My favorite eating place in Åndalsnes. And the little garden in the backyard is just so incredibly cosy.

I should have tried more of the dishes here, but I love the summer salad so I only came to this one on the menu 😉

Then the trip continues again, but I can't wait to get back to this paradise among the mountains in Romsdalen.

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