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Thank you for stopping by my page 🥰

My name is Anette Racer-Farth and I have now reached the age of 50. My two children have grown up and moved out, so it was time to move away from home for me too. So about 2 years ago I moved out in my homemade campervan (named Hjulius). I sold pretty much everything I owned - my house, car and all unnecessary things. The only thing I was left with was Hjulius, what I need for my trips and what I had room to store in a small shed. The rest have been sold or given away.
I haven't regretted it for a second, I've just learned so much about what is most important to me in life. And that's definitely not all the things!

I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Rehab Trainer and dietitian and I am really passionate about getting people out into nature and/or finding joy in being active in a way that suits each individual best.

For the past 11 years, I have organized active group trips to my favorite places both in Norway and around Europe. Experiencing nature and feeling a sense of mastery together with others gives enormous joy 🥰

In the past, I have been active in swimming, cycling and triathlon.
But now I've put away my start number and just enjoy everything from climbing to paddling, summit tours to bike rides and everything else nature has to offer.
Not least we just enjoy the crazy life 😍🚌

Hope you will follow us on the road and that this page can give you lots of inspiration 🥰

Briefly about me and my background!

Do you have any questions?