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I thought it might be nice to share a little summary of what has been used to get the habit into my dream habit.
Hope this can be useful if you are going to build yourself a car, or are curious about what I have used in my van.

The car itself is a Peugeot Boxer. I chose this one as it is slightly wider than many others, which means that I could fit a bed with a width of 180 cm. The height was also good so I can stand with a good margin.

Insulation: Astro Shield insulation roll, glued on with spray adhesive from Biltema and taped with Astro Foil tape so that there would be no slips. This is laid on the floor, ceiling and walls with two layers. First, all holes were foamed with NoviPro Flex.

-Wall/ceiling panel:Pine 14×120 plain panel in the color soft elegance from Bjertnes sag. Placed with some distance so the wood has the opportunity to move with all the temperature differences and humidity that is in a car.

-Floor:Parquet in hardened oak from Bjelin in the color rust/gray oiled. The floor was finally oiled with Osmo hardwax oil (clear matt) for better durability.

-Heating foilfrom Thermafloor. This is only active when the car is connected to 220v.

– Solar panell of the type Solarflex 150w.

-Current:12v and 230v contacts have been inserted. Everything secured with fuses. Read more about electricity in a separate post.

– Sunroof and fan:12v Flamma Turbo Vent Premium, provides good air circulation in the car.

- Galley hullwas made with pine hobby boards.

-Kitchen wall:Membrane boards at the back and stone veneer on the outside. We oiled this black and used hardwax oil on this as well.

-Kitchen door handle: These are in leather from Elkjøp.

-Wash: I chose a completely normal sink that was as large as possible and as deep as possible, which I have been incredibly happy with.

-Kitchen faucet:Bent from a copper pipe and spray painted.

Water pumpfor kitchen faucet controlled by impulse switch.

- Via Ledix LED receiver, from Hyttetorget to: Downlight and dimmer, ceiling fan, usb sockets in cupboard, water pump, gas alarm, 12v outlet kitchen bench, 12v outlet at the back of the car, rear door light in the picture, light in ceiling, steering current charger.
Read more about the electrical in a separate post.

-Downlight:LED downlight -md-315 3.3w from Hyttetorget.

-Countertop: Reuse of the same materials as the table. The worktop was oiled black with Osmo, then two coats of Osmo hardwax oil.

-Upper cupboards and kitchen cupboards:Recycled materials from a pine floor. Planed down to 19 mm thickness. Steel brushed to bring out the wood structure better. Then oiled with Osmo decorative wax in the color 3169 Terra and finally oiled with Osmo hardwax oil.

- Dometic Gas stovefrom Marineshop.

- Refrigerator from Max Fritid.This runs on gas, 220v and 12v. I only use it on gas or 220v as 12 volts drains the battery within a few hours.

- Gas alarmon constant 12v from the Elektroimportøren.

Photo of rear door:Printed on a material so it can withstand water. From Pettersen photo.

-Sofa cushions and covers:At the foam plastic center in Oslo, I got a specially adapted foam rubber mattress with a hard and a softer side (Duo 13 cm). Here I also ordered fabric for the mattress and pillows of the type Slottsfjord 26 Ivory and Slate 20.

-Table:Reuse of a brushed oak floor, brushed with a wire brush and finally oiled with Osmo hardwax oil (same as the floor).
-Table pillarI bought it at Marineshop.

- Skanbatt Lithium heat pro batteryin the living room, from Feel free camp

- Combi inverter and battery chargerfrom Provolt of the type Power Star Kombi sine inverter 12v 2000

-Picture behind outside:SecPro

-Bike rack from Thulefor doors that go to the side.

-Kayak stand:Thule Hullavator for easier getting the kayak onto the roof.

-Panel oven: I have had incredibly good use of this on cold winter days when I am connected to 220v.

-Shower outside: I had a hanger made for the bike rack so I could hang a shower curtain around it. There are countless possibilities for the shower itself with a water tank, but I chose one from XXL with a shower head connected to a small tank where the water can be heated by the sun.

-Fire protection:I have both a small powder apparatus (this is best if it is exposed to frost), a fire blanket and extinguishing spray.

Wood stove: Gløderen miniovn, handmade by Anders Grefslie. This is a full-fledged stone-set and clean-burning convection oven made of steel.

It says more precisely about the work that has been done in separate posts, this is just a brief overview.
I hope you can benefit from everything I've thought through and tried my hand at, and finally arrived at a solution I'm incredibly happy with.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions
There are also several detailed posts on the page here about how the car was built step by step with pictures and explanations, so feel free to take a look at it.


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